• Purpose


    Bio Health Solutions is committed to developing high quality products to improve and extend the lives of humans and their companion animals. We achieve this goal through internal R&D efforts as well has through partnerships including the licensing of intellectual properties as well as technological acquisitions.

  • Research & Development

    Research and Development

    Bio Health Solutions‘ research department specializes in fields ranging from physics, biophysics, biochemistry, nanochemistry and photonics. With a full commitment to science, our work is derived from the combination of our original research, partnered research, peer reviewed literature, patent reviews and clinical studies. Our commitment to science comes first. We are more focused on results oriented products as opposed to the mass creation of products with marginal success.

  • Manufacturing


    All manufacturing is done in the USA to ensure the safety of our products. Our manufacturing facility is licensed by the state of California and is cGMP certified, which means that the products that we develop are manufactured under incredibly strict standards. When necessary, we partner with other equally certified organizations that help improve our logistics; particularly when it comes to international projects.

  • Biz. Development

    Business Development

    With experience in sales and marketing with an emphasis on demographics, market trends and market analysis our responsibilities are devoted to generating external growth through the development of new products and new markets and the acquisition or licensing of new ideas and technologies.

  • IP. Protection

    Intellectual Property Protection

    Intellectual property protection is key to a commanding market presence with longevity. The most appropriate and necessary measures are taken to ensure that our assets are secure. Bio Health Solutions takes great care to determine the correct course of action including applying for provisional and non-provisional patents, trademark acquisition and trade secret strategies. Our legal counsel packages our defense plans both domestically and internationally through USPTO criteria, international treaties as well as legal partnerships outside our boarders to insure that we always control our works.